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Dr. JohnJohn A. Child, OD

Dr. John A. Child, Clinical Director of Cape Cod Vision Associates, has had over 16 years of extensive clinical experience helping children and adults overcome their vision difficulties.

After earning his Doctor of Optometry at the New England College of Optometry, Dr. Child completed a specialized residency at the Gesell Institute of Human development as a member of a multidisciplinary team made up of educators, psychologists and physicians treating children with learning problems.

Focusing on visual information processing, Dr. Child has been able to help many of his patients, especially children with visually related learning difficulties, and individuals whose sub-normal vision has been caused by eye or neurological diseases.

In addition, Dr. Child is the former State Director of the Massachusetts Optometric Extension Program, has served on the Board of Directors of Sight Loss Services, Inc., and acted as the former State Coordinator of Vision Plus – a program bringing vision care to clients of literacy programs. He also serves as a frequent consultant for school systems, educators, occupational therapists, physicians, rehabilitation facilities, and other optometrists.

Dr. Child conducts numerous visual screenings at schools, senior citizen centers, and nursing homes. Also available are various in-service training programs for school personnel, special educators, those providing services to individuals with special needs, and nursing home personnel.

Dr. Child is available to speak with the PTA, civic clubs and other organizations. The office is open for tours by schools, Scouts, or other interested groups. Arrangements should be made through the receptionist.